We are from Ukraine. Our country has been invaded by Russia and we are at war. All civil engineering projects in Ukraine have stopped abruptly. The life has not. The team at Global-Pro is ready and able to work. Here's how we can help your construction projects. Please contact us.
Architecture and Engineering Consulting
Global-Pro is a civil engineering design, architecture, consulting and building project management firm based in Kyiv, Ukraine

About Us
We design, architect, plan, manage and oversee construction projects. Our customers come to us with new construction projects, renovations, extensions, as well as individual civil engineering services. Our portfolio includes business centers, apartment buildings, chain retail stores and restaurants, factories, warehouses, and even schools, kindergartens, parks and stadiums.

We started in 2011 and after 50+ successful projects we have grown to be a team of 30 professionals.
What We Do
General Planning / Feasibility
We understand your needs and we help you plan your construction project from the very beginning to the very end. We consult our clients and facilitate site analysis, surveys, zoning and codes applicability, and all required testing. Our project managers work with you to scope, plan, and schedule the project.
Architecture / Construction Documents
We architect and perform all required structural calculations from the foundation to the very tip of the roof including materials selection, planning of heating, ventilation, plumbing, sewage, and electricity. We listen to your needs and we strictly comply with applicable norms and codes.
Construction Administration / Oversight
We oversee construction to ensure that builders and everybody else involved do the right things and do them right.
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